Here are the presentations of Warpstock Europe 2017 with PDFs and links to videos, sorted by author.

Andy Willis

Andy does a walkthrough of the various modes and options of the ArcaOS installer.


Gregg Young

An update of Gregg's open source projects: Lucide, FM/2, Lswitcher, eFTE, multimedia plugins and others.

PDF | Video

Keith Merrington

In his presentation, Keith talks about the new graphic installer for ArcaOS including some of its advanced scripting capabilities.

PDF | Video

Lars Erdmann

Lars gave an in-depth presentation on USB audio support on OS/2.

USB PDF | Video

Lewis Rosenthal

Looking ahead for the next 18 months or so, Lewis talks about developments for ArcaOS 5.0 and 5.1, including commercial vs. personal licences. other languages, installation from USB stick, migration from older OS/2 versions and much more.

PDF | Video

René Jansen

René, chairman of REXX LA, provides some interesting background about the role of REXX inside and outside IBM. Not strictly OS/2 related but interesting nonethess since REXX is built into OS/2.

PDF | Video

Silvan Scherrer

Silvan talked about current and future projects within bitwise works, including Firefox, Samba server, libcx, Cups, InJoy firewall, Apache's OpenOffice, Qt5 and Java.

PDF | Video

Yuri Dario

Yuri explains why he uses Cairo for Styler, an improved presentation layer for the GUI of OS/2 that includes anti-aliased fonts, UTF-8 and other goodies.

PDF | Video