Lewis has been active professionally in the IT field since 1987. His experience with OS/2 dates back to version 2.0, which became the first OS/2 version deployed in his accounting & systems integration firm of Rosenthal & Rosenthal, LLC. 

One of Rosenthal & Rosenthal's subsidiary companies, Hautspot, LLC, designs, deploys, and manages wireless hotspots and hotzones. Hautspot has been active in the managed Wi-Fi arena since 2004. Rosenthal & Rosenthal also hosts several OS/2-related mailing lists, including: OS/2 Wireless Users, OS/2 NetWare Users, Virtualized eCS Users, eCS ISP, and eCS T6x. 

Lewis holds multiple professional certifications from Novell and CWNP, and serves as Treasurer on the Board of Warpstock Corporation. As Managing Member of Arca Noae, LLC, Lewis directs the premier OS/2-focused development and marketing company in the United States.