Keith Merrington has been in computing since punched cards were used as input, and computers were made from discrete components. He has worked for various computer companies such as ICL English Electric, Philips Office Computer Systems, and Philips Microprocessors both in the commercial and technical side. He built his first computer soldering the chips in by hand, back in the 80's based on a based on a Signetics 2650 8 bit microprocessor with a massive 1K of memory and with two 8 inch floppy drives.

I still build (assemble) my own PCs today and have been using OS/2 since Warp 3. Although over the years I have programmed in COBOL, machine code, and various assembler dialects, I now use C exclusively. One of my hobbies is writing PM programs for OS/2 and eComstation. I have written SigmaMD5, Searchplus, EasySync and a couple of utilities.