As previously announced, there will be a social Warpstock event on the evening before the Warpstock Europe conference, Friday May 19th. The event consists of a tour with a historic tram through Rotterdam and lasts about 1.5 hours.

Since the previous announcement, two things have changed:

  • The tour is now free of charge, due to two generous sponsors who completely covered the cost of the tour.
  • The starting location has changed due to construction works at Blaak station.

Although the trip is now completely free of charge and includes a cup of coffee or tea, we still like to know who will be joining, so when you buy your Warpstock Europe access at the Arca Noae webshop please add the "Tramride" option for $ 0. You can reserve tickets there until May 12.

The second change is a minor inconvenience. Due to construction works at the tramstop at Blaak station, no trams will stop there until the end of May.The starting location of the tour has therefor been changed to tramstop Beurs: 

This location is only 500 meters away from the original starting point and the library. The tram leaves at 19:00 sharp so be at the tramstop at 18:50! The tour will end at the same location at around 20:30.

This trip is organized by Roderick Klein privately and not funded by the OS/2 VOICE foundation.

Please consider sponsoring OS/2 VOICE so we can keep organizing OS/2 events and sponsor OS/2 developers. You can buy sponsor units via the Arca Noae webshop.

To see how some your sponsored money was spent read the following article.

 If you have an issue reading the links, visit to read the article.