The Dutch OS/2 VOICE organisation is pleased to announce Warpstock Europe 2024, the first Warpstock Europe after the pandemic where we can meet you in person again.

This year's Warpstock Europe 2024 will be held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June in hotel Lücke in Rheine in the northwest of Germany.

The entree fee for this 3 day event will be €215 and includes lunch, drinks and snacks for all days (previous annonced price is incorrect). Visitors who book a room at the hotel will get a discount from the regular price down to €104 per night, including breakfast (details will be sent to you when you book your Warpstock ticket). Rooms have been put aside for this event. We realize this price is significantly higher than previous Warpstock events, but unfortunately due to high inflation and a change of VAT rates for hotels, this is unavoidable.

However, as this is now a 3 day event we want to make it a bit more than just presentations and Q&A sessions. We would like to organize a few workshops, do some hands-on testing, perhaps a programmer's corner? Your ideas are welcome!

You can buy tickets here, transport to Rheine, schedule etc will follow soon.

We hope to see you at Warpstock Europe!